Our story

We produce a soft and luxurious alpaca wool home grown in Australia

With over 200 alpacas, we have been breeding for a soft luxurious fibre for the past twelve years. We have made an effort to breed the coarse fibres out of the Alpacas fleece so that it has a luxurious slippery feel that then knits up to beautiful fabrics. We decided not to mix this fibre with other fibres so that we could produce these beautiful Mama & Moon balls of wool.

It's all natural

Our wool comes from all natural fleece. No dyes – only natural shades. Alpacas come in a range of colours, twenty two different shades. Naturally hypoallergenic because there is no lanolin in alpacas, it makes for the perfect natural fibre to work with.

Hand classed by experts

Each and every fleece is classed individually to ensure the quality. We have one of the few registered Australian Alpaca classers, so you can be sure that we are spot on. We class the fleece on fineness and also primary fibre. If it has coarse primary fibres then it doesn’t make the grade. This is how we can ensure that each ball of wool doesn’t have that prickly feeling so that it feels soft and luxurious next to the skin.

Footloose and fancy free

The fleece for Mama & Moon is sourced from Alpacas that are free to roam across a farm that sits at over 1200m on the Great Dividing Range. Not only is this cool climate perfect for the alpacas, but it also is the perfect environment to keep alpacas fit and healthy. Higher average rainfall and good ol’ classic Australian feed makes for a very happy alpaca.

No prickly fibres here

Each Alpaca has a guard coat which is a coarser fibre amongst the fleece. This traditionally protected the alpaca from the elements in the mountains of Peru. We have been working hard to breed this coarser fleece out of the alpaca and have selected for alpacas that have a softer handle. That’s why Mama & Moon balls of wool doesn’t have coarser guard hairs sticking up as you will find with inferior quality alpaca.

About our alpacas


In total, there are 20 different natural colours of alpaca. We don't have them all ready for your knitting needles just yet, but we're working on it!


Alpacas are gentle animals. Their one and only defence is spitting. Worry not, alpacas reserve that for non-humans (unless they really dislike you...)


Alpacas originally come from Peru. The Incas so valued the fleece they called it the 'fibre of the gods'. Now you can knit with it too, you lucky people!